Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Cult of Noynoy Aquino

I’ve written so many negative and harsh articles on almost all of the Presidentiables. Most of the time, people cheer on especially if the issue is a big one. I noticed one thing though people tend to have blind faith when it comes to Senator Noynoy Aquino. It’s as if he’s made a cult out of his supporters and they rush to defend him blindly as if he’s some sort of appointed savior. Allow me to just categorically say that I find this behavior frustrating, inept, and just plain stupid.

I wrote an article recently about how Noynoy Aquino has to answer the questions being raised against him, especially with the surfacing of old news clips of him defending the dispersement of the farmers in Hacienda Luisita, which eventually resulted into a bloody massacre. Some people screamed that it was black propaganda. They put more weight on the blogger writing negatively about Noynoy than the content of the actual post.

Let me just set the record straight. Noynoy Aquino is riding on a campaign of integrity and character. He keeps on saying that this election is a battle between the “good” and the “evil” (therefore saying that he’s good and everyone else is bad). If that’s the case, then all the more reason for him to answer these issues. The Hacienda massacre is no joke. We’re talking about people dying and getting shot at. It’s about children losing their parents and vice-versa. If someone who claims to be a person of integrity and character defends that, then our value system must be totally screwed up. The more his campaign harps on how his campaign is a moral one, then the need for him to resolve this grows as well.

Black propaganda becomes black when the material being passed around has no substance and truth. What makes the recent issue credible and NOT plain propaganda is that fact that it is supported by news clippings. If you’re the type that just dismisses stuff like this and would jump in and rabidly defend Noynoy, then it’s about time that you get inducted to the “Cult of Noynoy”. Now that you’re part of the cult, go out and buy the official Cory watch. Stop using your Nokia and get one of those Cory phones. Oh, let’s not forget the black shirt with the yellow Pilipinas map design (which Bench ripped off from Collezione). Go ahead and tie a yellow ribbon on your car too.

I’ve already received word that one of my friends has photocopies of the actual clippings which was used in the video. I’ll read through the entire material and write a follow-up entry. I am hoping that the Noynoy blogger event will finally push through in January so that we can get answers directly from the horse’s mouth.

To end, let me just say that if you really want to help this country, then don’t be stupid and defend your candidate like a faithful guard dog. Ask questions, challenge the campaign staff, and push him/her to take action. Don’t forget that more than a supporter of Noynoy, you are also a Filipino and I don’t think nationalism entails blind whole-hearted trust to your candidate of choice. Put that passion and energy into actual things that can help the country and maybe then you can make a real difference.

Disclosure: I am not employed or am doing any consultancy work for the Presidential candidates. I worked before for Senator Roxas and Escudero’s offices as their consultants but I am no longer connected to them. The only candidate I am clearly and openly working for is my auntie, Susan “Toots” Ople, who is running for Senate in the 2010 elections. Please feel free to visit http://juancountry.com for more of my articles.

Photo by Noemi Lardizabal Dado. Some Rights Reserved.

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  1. Why do hate Noynoy and all of the candidates? I hope you'll choose a President, vote for someone and do not abstain any Presidential candidate.